Vehicular Technology (VT06) Society:



2015-01-19 Collaborative Design on Cognitive Radio Networks Prof.Yuguang “Michael” Fang more info
2012-06-20 Space Time Codes without Strict Orthogonal Structures Prof. Yong Liang Guan more info
2012-04-16 Recent Advances in Body Area Networks and Industry Applications for Internet of Things Prof. Min Chen more info
2012-01-09 User Scheduling for Heterogeneous Multiuser MIMO Systems:A Subspace Viewpoint Dr. Edward Au more info
2011-10-18 Geometrical Theory for Channel Depolarization Professor Gordon L. Stüber more info
2011-10-05 Recent Advance in Application-level Protocol Design for RFID Systems Prof. Shigang Chen more info
2010-08-20 Advanced Digital Camera Processing: Modern Architecture and Future Challenges Dr. Keigo Hirakawa more info
2010-07-08 Cooperative Sensing: The Detection Perspective Professor Liuqing Yang, University of Florida more info
2010-06-16 Paradigm Shift toward Globally Resource-optimized and Energy-Efficient Networks (GREEN) Prof. Zhisheng Niu, Tsinghua University, Beijing, more info
2010-06-04 Two Vignettes of Cyber-Physical Systems Research Professor Xue Liu more info
2010-04-28 Some Results on Base Station Movement Problem for Sensor Networks Prof. Thomas Hou, Virginia Tech, USA more info
2009-12-14 Sensing, Scheduling, and Performance Optimization in Cognitive Wireless Personal Area Networks Dr. Vojislav B. Misic more info
2009-10-22 Object Discovery and Localization in Active Sensing Networks: Theory and Algorithms Dr. Rong Zheng more info