Computational Intelligence Society (CIS11) Society:



2015-03-04 Phonetic Understanding of Written Text Prof. Richard Khoury more info
2014-09-05 Toward the Minimum Measured-input Models for the Evaluation of Human Motor Ability Dr. Vincent Bonnet more info
2014-04-25 Body Movement and Touch Behaviour as Means to Recognize and Enhance Affective Experience Dr. Nadia Berthouze more info
2014-03-26 Machine Learning Research and Big Data at Kobo Inmar Givoni, Senior Research Scientist at Kobo more info
2013-12-03 Implicit Space – Designing Through Correlations Professor Christian Derix more info
2013-09-26 The Traffic Network Analysis Based on GPS Probe Data by a New Map Matching Algorithm and a Sensor Fu Professor Takayoshi Yokota more info
2013-04-22 Enabling Cognition in Wireless Sensor Networks Professor Ibnkahla, Associate Professor, Queens Un more info
2012-12-06 Social Network Analysis by Compression: Not Only Space, but also Insight Gaining Professor Jian Pei more info
2012-10-02 From Data to Knowledge: A Pattern Discovery Approach Prof. Andrew K. C. Wong more info
2012-05-16 Design of Predictive and Fuzzy Control Strategies for Public Transport Systems Prof. Doris Sáez more info
2012-04-24 Challenging Problems in Web Intelligence and Socially-Relevant Complex Systems Research Prof. Jiming Liu more info
2010-09-17 Computational Intelligence in Multi-Criteria Decision-Making: The Intersection of Search, Preference Dr. Piero P. Bonissone more info
2010-07-26 Research in Collaborative Haptic-Audio-Visual Environments Prof. Abdulmotaleb El Saddik, University of Ottawa more info
2010-06-02 Intelligent Pattern Recognition and Applications Prof. Patrick S.P. Wang more info
2010-06-01 Recent Advances in Biomedical Robotics, Tele-surgical Robotics and Industrial Robotics Dr. Jason Gu more info
2009-11-04 Risk-Based Multiobjective Optimization for a Vehicle Fleet Mix Problem Dr. Slawo Wesolkowski more info